container transport.

Container transport by water

With ROC Waalwijk, the Regional Transshipment Centre Waalwijk, the focus within the Van der Linden Group lies on container transport from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. ROC Waalwijk takes care of the transhipment of inland navigation from the seaports to road transport and vice versa. You will find ROC Waalwijk in the port area of Waalwijk, where the company has a modern inland terminal with both transhipment areas with gantry cranes and guarded storage space for containers.

From customs clearance to transhipment

If required, the company takes care of the customs clearance of goods and can can safeguard goods under customs control.

Temporary storage no problem

At ROC Waalwijk you can choose to temporarily store your containers on the terminal premises. With one phone call your loaded containers are brought to your company.

Innovative container transport for Central Brabant

ROC Waalwijk offers, with transport by water, a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to road transport of containers.

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Container transport by water

Inland waterway transport
the future

The company's future goal is to realise a terminal outside the lock, with electric transport on the road and on the water in the future. "Our ambition is to reduce the carbon footprint to zero within the next ten years," says John van der Linden, director of ROC Waalwijk. The advantage of being outside the lock is that larger ships can also be admitted and even better combinations can be made with fellow transporters who cannot pass through the lock or would be delayed too much as a result.

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For years, we have been able to rely on the flexibility of ROC to keep our logistics running. We see ROC as an extension of the Supply Chain towards our customers.

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Container transport by water instead of road

ROC Waalwijk, the Regional Transshipment Centre Waalwijk, occupies a separate place within the Van der Linden Group. Common denominator is transport, but now as much as possible by ship. The focus of this branch within the Van der Linden group is on container transport from the ports of Rotterdam and, to a lesser extent, Antwerp. ROC Waalwijk takes care of the transhipment from inland navigation to road transport, which directly links up with Van der Linden Transport, and vice versa, from road transport via inland navigation to the sea terminals.

From clearance to transhipment

The activities of ROC Waalwijk are also aimed at unburdening the customer as much as possible. Thus, if desired, the company takes care of customs clearance of goods, can take care of goods under customs control, performs gas measurements and takes care of transhipment from water to road and vice versa. Hazardous substances are also welcome, both in tank containers and box containers.

Container transport - ROC Waalwijk

Temporary storage no problem

If the loading of a container turns out to be faster than expected and it is now in the way or if a ship with your container(s) arrives earlier than planned. Then choose for temporary storage of the container(s) on the terminal terrain of ROC Waalwijk.

The company ROC Waalwijk has its own vehicles to collect the loaded container(s) from you and to bring the containers destined for you from the terminal area to your company. Precisely at the moment when you want to have it at your disposal. As an end customer, you need to pay less attention to the management of internal flows. And if a container can only be offered to the seaport later due to a delay of a sea vessel, then you can choose to offer this container for temporary storage at ROC Waalwijk. This way, the container is not (or no longer) in your way and you do not have problems with unloading in the seaport where it can only be offered within a certain time slot.

Offering innovative container transport for Central Brabant

The target group of ROC Waalwijk are companies in central Brabant, so relatively close to the container terminal. For these companies, ROC Waalwijk offers water transport as an alternative to road transport of containers from the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Transport to Waalwijk by water is not only more economical and environmentally friendly, the short final leg by road also makes it possible to drop off a container at the customer's premises and pick it up later. There is then no vehicle waiting for the container to be unloaded.

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