Furniture transport within
the Netherlands and Belgium.

We specialise in the complete logistical processing and transport of furniture

Transport of furniture requires transport specialists. You can find them at Furniture Logistics Waalwijk (FLOW), once established after a merger of furniture distributors from Waalwijk and continued by Van der Linden Transport. Thanks to the rich experience in furniture transport of these furniture transporters and the logistic knowledge and possibilities of Van der Linden Transport, FLOW has grown into a specialist not only in transport, but also in temporary storage and distribution of furniture for manufacturers, importers and retailers.

Temporary storage no problem

FLOW has its own warehouses for temporary storage and people who know how to handle furniture.

Regrouping of furniture

FLOW can take care of the entire furniture transport for you, without you having to store and process the products yourself.

Damage reduced to a minimum

Whichever service you choose, you can rest assured that your products will be handled with care and expertise.

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Furniture transport - FLOW

Furniture transport,
a story on its own

The transport of furniture from manufacturer to retailer places different requirements on loading than the transport of pallets or boxes. Furniture comes in many sizes and types, packaged as individual pieces or as a whole. Loading the truck requires sensitivity to the product, to avoid damaging it, but also to load as efficiently as possible and avoid only partially loaded trucks.

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We have been outsourcing physical furniture distribution to FLOW for many years. The reason? Simply because the good care of the furniture that we guarantee our customers is fulfilled by them.

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Temporary storage no problem

FLOW thinks along with you and takes care of everything. If, for example, as an importer you do not have (sufficient) space for temporary storage, you can let FLOW pick up the furniture from your manufacturer and transport it to our own warehouses for temporary storage. The workers there know how to store furniture in the best possible way and how to reload it on demand as soon as you need the goods.

Temporary storage for your furniture transport

Weekly deliveries to furniture companies, from the largest manufacturer to the smallest retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium

What is special about FLOW is that you can even have your furniture regrouped for delivery to, for example, the retail trade. In this way FLOW can take care of the entire furniture transport from your supplier to the final destination, without you having to store and process the products yourself.

Full loads or smaller shipments

Whichever service you choose, you can always be sure that your products will be handled with care and expertise. Not only full loads but also smaller shipments of furniture are in good hands with FLOW. Only one or a few pieces to a certain address, no problem! Your shipment will be cleverly combined with trips for others from our base in Waalwijk. Whereby the order of loading is optimally attuned to the route.

Each shipment receives its own bubble, as it were, in the lorry, is carefully fixed as a whole and then expertly delivered by our drivers.

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