Rich experience in
the transport sector.

From a barge service to a transport group

The origins of the transport company lie in the beurtvaartbodienst, early 40s in Boskoop. As a result of a considerable demand for the supply of raw materials to the metal industry in Drunen, the transport company ended up in Waalwijk in the mid-60s.

Increasing market demand for transport of long goods and temporary storage

At the end of the 1970s, the company was asked by the metal industry to also start transporting to the hinterland in the Netherlands and Belgium. The focus of the family business was already almost entirely on transport for the metal industry. Staff numbers grew steadily, especially at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, with the demand for transporting lengths of copper, aluminium and brass to Germany. With the increase in demand for transport of these length goods, the demand for space for temporary storage in Waalwijk grew. In the years that followed, other transport flows were added.

Thanks to container terminal, water transport also possible

Because the company was located at the port and the demand for more economical and at the same time more sustainable means of transport was increasing, container terminal ROC Waalwijk was realised in 2000. From this terminal, it also became possible to transport sea containers by barge from the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to Waalwijk and the hinterland.

Complete logistics package

Meanwhile, the third generation is at the helm of this family business. The current management consists of Sander, John and Nicola. They make sure that everything runs smoothly at the four business units Van der Linden Transport, Furniture Logistics Waalwijk B.V. (FLOW), Van der Linden Express and the Regional Transhipment Centre Waalwijk, in short ROC Waalwijk. These sister companies work closely together, through which the Van der Linden Group as a whole can offer you a complete package in logistics.

Dedicated transport, handling and distribution solutions

The Van der Linden Group mainly focuses on the Benelux and Germany and develops dedicated transport, transhipment and distribution solutions for companies and fellow transporters based in this region.

Family logistics company with firm core values

...the customer is always at the centre, from the moment they contact us until the service is provided and beyond. Every transport request is important, whether it is that one pallet that needs to be transported urgently or containers that need to be shipped to or from a seaport.

...transparent calculations, clarity in what is and what is not possible, realistic delivery times, naturally for all parts of the Van der Linden group!

...just do what you promised!

...constantly reassess whether an option is the most profitable for the client, and make adjustments where necessary.

...a company can only thrive if it can rely on well-trained, committed employees with future prospects within their own company. In addition, there must be consideration for the future, by putting sustainability first in business operations and making a contribution to an increasingly green transport sector.

Together, the sister companies provide a complete logistics package

"Due to the diversity in our services with a wide range of logistics activities, we always find the right solution for your logistics question. We are actually transport consultants, with our own transport company." - Sander van der Linden, managing director of the Van der Linden Group.


Specialist in pallet transport and extra-long cargo transport in the Benelux and Germany.

Furniture transport

Transport, temporary storage and distribution of furniture for manufacturers, importers and retailers.

Container transport

Transhipment from inland navigation to road transport from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Urgent transport

For small shipments that have to reach their destination quickly. Also abroad.


Do you also want to make a contribution to customised logistics?

Within the various divisions of the Van der Linden Group, there is a regular need for new colleagues.

Van der Linden group,
always in motion for you

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